Someday, someday

Have you ever seen a person where
Their beauty, oh so fine and fair,
Commandeers your very eyes
And the freedom of will to them denies?

It pains me so to see you standing there
With beauty that I cannot bare.
And so I give one final glance
By aching heart without romance
To leave you there just as you may.
I remind myself: “Someday, someday.”

by Garret Woo

c. 2004


Shed that veil from velvet eyes;
Observe the the eagle and how it flies.
Study the patterns that you see;
Know those secrets which reveal me.
Appointed by the will of men,
I hold the power of fist and pen.
Privileged to an open stage,
I bleed Our will onto this page.
Until stillness has quieted the mound
And the flags of our foe decorate the ground,
Will our persistent attacks cease;
Only then will I grant peace.

by Garret Woo

c. 2003 (edited 1/4/2019)

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