Horses, gold and castles,
Rooms of treasure to the brim,
Honey-wine by the barrels and food by the fist.
With passions restrained and body able,
He ruled with judgement pure.

Behind that veil of cheerful eyes
His hopes have lost allure.
An abyss of dismal nothing
That darkened clouds obscure.
He has forgotten how to love
And cannot find the cure.

by Garret Woo


American Sons

American sons for enemy blood,
TVs and hand-grenades, coffee and guns;
Coins show our greedy eyes, blinded by mud,
The horrors of war mistaken for love.
Trust may be bought and is easily sold
Like innocent men sent into the hole.

by Garret Woo


The Parade

Favorable weather with flowers in May,
I came down to see you and watch the parade.
You weren’t there because you’d found another,
I walked away silently and left the bouquet.

Today my attention, tomorrow my love;
I’d give to you everything like the sky to a dove.
But you had no interest in returning the fire
So I gave up my kindle and abandoned the pyre.

I burned down the bridges and lowered the gates
And walled myself up in a palace of hate.
I forgot how to love and let go of the reins,
Submitting to solitude, consumed by the pain.

by Garret Woo

c. 2004 edited 2/13/2019


Liberation, free at last,
My chains have ceased to be.
Born again through eyes renewed as if I’d found the key.
Eight O’clock, the hand hits four
To cue a different time.
The past has past and present is,
While the future precedes the line.
Come what may as the seasons change
And give to me a Love.
To see, to hold, to be as one
Until we rise above.

by Garret Woo

c. 2004


He’s saddened to see what has become of himself:
A brooding storm of hate and tears;
A combination of loves and fears.
Nothing is clear to him at all,
Like rocks beneath a waterfall.
No one can help him; it was meant to be.
By the will of fate – unable to see.
So let go of vain convictions and wants,
For life itself is here then gone.

by Garret Woo

c. 2004

Midnight Memory

Secret dreams, blood ravines,
All of a midnight memory.
Nothing was as it seemed,
In my drunken revelry.
I dreamed of a god
and a pauper, too.
I shaped the world
And begged for food.
Yet, in all this I could not find
Neither love, nor faith nor peace of mind.
Instead, I drifted further from
My body, oh, so fine and young;
I choked upon the watery abyss,
and lost myself in drunkenness.

by Garret Woo

c. 2004

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