What would you do if given the torch?
Lead, follow or make your own course?
Would you carry it proudly or find someone who could?
Or make even more torches of fire and wood?
Whatever you do, keep hold of the light:
Do not let it go in the darkness of night.

by Garret Woo


The Parade

Favorable weather with flowers in May,
I came down to see you and watch the parade.
You weren’t there because you’d found another,
I walked away silently and left the bouquet.

Today my attention, tomorrow my love;
I’d give to you everything like the sky to a dove.
But you had no interest in returning the fire
So I gave up my kindle and abandoned the pyre.

I burned down the bridges and lowered the gates
And walled myself up in a palace of hate.
I forgot how to love and let go of the reins,
Submitting to solitude, consumed by the pain.

by Garret Woo

c. 2004 edited 2/13/2019

On Fire

Tie me to the cross and set me on fire
For the crowd upon the pyre.
Spit in my face and laugh at my pain;
I’ve lost the will to feel the shame.
And all the people that bustle around
Lose touch with themselves; drowned by sound.
So who am I? Out of place, for sure.
Humble to a fault and tragically demure.

by Garret Woo

c. 2003

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