The Secret Lantern

My Driving Story

1966 Ford Mustang

Soon after I first got my license in 2004, the car bug bit me. On occasion, I was allowed to drive my dad’s ’66 fully restored and modded Ford Mustang in Midnight Blue for a year or so.

But then, the I was gifted my first commuting car:

1990 Dodge Caravan

That was a ’90 Dodge Caravan with faux wooden side paneling. In this photo I was selling it in ’08; this van was my first car and the things we’ve done together will go to my grave. From carpooling in high school to cruising around Westwood Village, Los Angeles.

The time came when I needed something smaller and more practical. Along came this Honda, the silent creeper:

2005 Honda Civic

This 2005 Honda Civic was special. Its utility was just as fabulous as the van’s, it looked mean, drove with precision and was exceptionally lightweight. I also added a 12″ sub-woofer in the rear and some Alpine speakers just to let people know.

I finally had the experience and now the opportunity – so my dreams of owning an Audi came true with this 2010 A5, years later:

The turbocharged four-cylinder engine paired with the AWD grip launched you around corners and got you quick off the line. It was this car that gave me that taste of potential power and luxury in a vehicle.

2010 Audi A5

Then, out of the blue, came a car that took my breath away:

2014 Audi RS5

Successful negotiations meant that I was now the owner of a beast; a true monster of a machine. This is a car you have to tame. From the moment you start the ignition of this 2014 naturally aspirated 4.2L V8 Audi RS5 with 450hp, an incredible sensory experience envelops you. The exhaust sounds glorious in Sport Mode and emits a series of wicked exhaust deletes on the automatic downshifts just to let people know you’re around.

Along with being my daily commuter, this car sees action along Sunset, Mulholland Drive or the PCH.

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